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Season Update

Our field is opening for paintball on May 8, 2021!

Until then, we are still available for paintball product and smoke grenade purchases.

Contact us at or call (705)-493-1232 for info or product purchases


Pyramid Paintball is the way to go for your kids summer camp - now even more kids can experience the ultimate summer paintball adventure! Campers learn how to develop strategy and problem solving skills through quick games of capture the flag and other scenario based games. It’s a great way to learn how to work together & improve communication skills all while trying to achieve your mission.

Paintball Camp includes all equipment and a comprehensive orientation and safety demonstration from the Pyramid Paintball team of Adventure Specialists.

We ensure our camps are fun and inclusive by using Low Impact paintball markers. They are just as fun as regular paintball markers, but they use smaller paintballs that are much lighter than regular paintballs and they hit with less force.

Paintball Camp includes a half day of paintball and a half day of outdoor, fun camp activities. (Prepare yourself for the most awesome week ever).

Ages: 9-14

Registration: $325 per week per child

Camp Hours: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Campers must be pre-registered before 5:00pm on Wednesday prior to Camp Week.

Sorry we cannot accept late registrations.


Regular Paintball is great for ages 12 and up and uses the standard .68 cal paintball, but there isn't anything standard about having a blast at Pyramid Paintball.

$449.99 plus HST for up to 10 players, includes:

4 hours of paintball with a referee
10 rentals (paintball markers, goggles, pod holder, chest and neck protector)
5000 paintballs

Additional players: $44.25 plus HST


Smaller, lighter paintballs result in minimal impact and still provide the full adrenaline-filled paintball experience. Great for ages 9 - 11, bachelorette parties, or other groups wanting to avoid the full impact of regular paintball.

$349.99 plus HST for up to 8 players, includes:

2.5 hours of paintball with a referee and 1 hour of table time
3000 paintballs
All the safety gear they'll need
8 rentals (paintball markers, goggles, pod holder, chest and neck protector)

Additional players: $34.99 plus HST


Perfect for ages 7 - 9. We use smaller paintballs at a reduced speed for minimum impact so younger kids can still enjoy all the high-energy action of paintball. Fun for adults to join, too!

$299.99 plus HST for up to 8 players, includes:

2 hours of paintball with a referee and 1 hour of table time (food/cake/gift exchanges)
Paintball markers
Safety gear

Additional players: $22.99 plus HST


The best birthday party ever! Be your child's hero and have their next birthday party at Pyramid Paintball. The kids will enjoy a day of paintball fun that they'll talk about for years.


There's nothing quite like a paintball bachelor/bachelorette party. Blast away with your best friends for a few hours then spend the rest of the night sharing war stories!


Looking for an exciting group activity? Paintball can be enjoyed by anyone and is perfect for everything from corporate parties to sports team celebrations.


Nothing beats a paintball party. Sit back and relax while a dedicated host takes care of your group and ensures everyone has a safe and fun adventure. The paintball players will play a variety of unique games on a range of dynamic fields — it's better than playing your favourite video game!

We offer Regular, Low Impact and Ultra-Low Impact paintball — an excellent memorable experience for younger players!